• Connect


    Guests login to your WiFi for free using their social media or mobile number. By providing free WiFi you improve customer experience and grow your brand through social media.

  • Collect


    GoBig's appliance automatically captures your customers data including email address, mobile number, social media demographics, time/date & more.

  • Communicate


    GoBig's built-in marketing platform communicates directly with your customers. Create & customize email, mobile text or social media messages, promotions or coupons.

  • Cloud


    GoBig's cloud platform runs on a secure, global backbone. You can customize your Guest WiFi services including landing pages, advertising and more. Other WiFi devices can be connected and managed through the GoBig platform.

Next Generation WiFi

With the growth of smart phones, tablets and social media, we know your customers want WiFi service and studies show stores & franchises who offer WiFi have higher customer satisfaction and an increase in repeat sales.

Using GoBig, you save money on your Guest WiFi service while at the same time capturing valuable customer data resulting in increased sales.

GoBig is a "WiFi Platform" that includes a WiFi device, APIs for data collection, integrated messaging services, advertising tools and more! Learn how GoBig can monetize WiFi for your business.

It's easy to use and installs in less than 10 minutes!

Easy To Install

Build Your Database

We know how difficult it is to build your email and marketing database, but long term success of your business depends on repeat customers.

GoBig automates the collection of customer data and insures a good customer experience, providing secure login and automatic re-login to the WiFi. Customer data is private, secure and double opt-in and opt-out.

With GoBig, customers can choose how they receive communication from your business: email, text message or social media. This greatly improves response rates and increases customer sales!

GoBig has high customer satisfaction through easy and secure login with automatic re activation, notifications, offers, coupons, and high repeat visits with high increase sales activities.

Internet of Things!

GoBig is the solution of choice for the Internet of Things! Connect, Collect or Communicate from any WiFi based device!

GoBig's all-in-one solution includes WiFi, Data Capture, Email & Mobile Text Software, Rewards/Loyalty Program & Integrated Social Media.

GoBig makes it easy to roll out Guest WiFi and marketing services, but you can also use GoBig to to connect any WiFi based device to the GoBig Platform such as wireless lighting controls, POS systems menu boards, smart TVs, temperature monitors and more!

PCI / HIPPA Compliance

GoBig is PCI & HIPAA compliant and you can enforce your own web and user policies and have complete Network Access Control.

GoBig secures your wireless environment without complex setup or system integration. GoBig hosted security includes encryption, Quality of Service (QoS), DDoS, malware protection & other security services to protect your network.

Cloud Hosted & Managed Globally

GoBig is a hosted WiFI solution and the WiFi runs in the "Cloud", no software to setup or hardware to manage and it's easy to customize your WiFi login page.

Larger enterprises or franchises can use GoBig to aggregate data across multiple store locations and have access to real-time reports including in-store users, length of stay (LOS), demographic reports and more! - anywhere in the world. GoBig platform can also be customized to pull or push data on almost any WiFi or network enabled device.

5x Faster WiFi - GoBig technology accelerates Internet traffic by using proprietary data compression technology. This improves customer experience for WiFi users and lowers complaints.

GoBig Platform & App Store

GoBig is a platform for WiFi solutions that includes built in APIs and App store with low cost tools and services to help you better manage your business.

For example, you can use the GoBig Platform for employee time tracking, add a WiFi refrigerator temperature sensor, setup bluetooth advertising beacons, run heat map reports from your WiFi cameras, incorporate big data projects... and many other custom features!

GoBig APIs make it easy to push or pull data in real-time from each store. We even integrate with Marketo, Hubspot, Salesforce, Fishbowl, Silverpop and many others.

It's Easy to Install

GoBig is "plug n play" solution for your Guest WiFi. No more worries about passwords, security settings, PCI compliance or if WiFi is working or not.

Eliminate customer complaints and no more worries about passwords or customer login issues.

Hassle Free Guarantee

We take the worry and headaches out of your wireless network and no WiFi routers or WiFi access points to worry about. If a GoBig device breaks, simply call us and we'll ship you a new one!

GoBig is 100% Guaranteed!

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